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Judicial Reform in the Netherlands

Judicial Reform in the Netherlands addresses developments aimed at improving the functioning of the Judiciary and strengthening its role in present-day society. The main article of the issue provides an overview of the large-scale reforms since 1998 up until the current implementation the program ‘Quality and Innovation’. The second contribution reviews the recent reform of the judicial map. The third article gives an account of the upcoming new digital procedure in civil and administrative law cases.


Customized conflict resolution: Court-connected Mediation in The Netherlands 1999-2009

This issue presents the history, results and spin-off of referral to mediation by the Netherlands judiciary. Court-connected mediation has proven to fit well within our legal culture and judicial organization. It has contributed to a client-focused approach by the courts in which tailor-made solutions are sought to address the underlying issues of legal disputes: Customized conflict resolution.


Ethnic representation in the judiciary: diversity among judges in old and new countries of immigration

Analyses the intake, debate and policies, incentives and obstacles with regard to ethnic minority representation in the judiciaries of England and Wales, Canada, the United States, Germany, France and the Netherlands.