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Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement was drawn up on January 6 2021.

The Dutch judiciary (de Rechtspraak) wants to fully satisfy’s accessibility requirements at level AA as soon as possible. Satisfying this standard will make our website more user friendly and more accessible to various target groups.

This statement applies to the following website(s):

  1. (main website)

Approach to facilitating our website’s accessibility

We have taken the following measures to promote compliance with the accessibility requirements:

  • Investigation: Independent experts periodically review our website (and specific parts of it) for accessibility. We will continuously solve problems that are found.
  • Audits: We will periodically have an audit conducted of our processes to create web content, so as to determine whether this has been designed in an optimum way to promote compliance with the accessibility requirements.
  • Internal control before publication: Our editorial staff will review all content for accessibility before publication.
  • Periodic internal control: Our editorial staff will conduct periodic, interim controls of the content.
  • Software: Our editors will use special software to make information (text, pictures and videos) more accessible, such as the Accessibility Assistant.
  • Employee training: Our editors have received training on accessibility.

Web guidelines

The Dutch judiciary (de Rechtspraak) is working to create a website which complies with international accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0, AA and ISO/IEC 45500) for designing, building and managing websites. In general, is in compliance with the guidelines.


There are some exceptions here, as a result of which the site is not entirely in compliance with the web guidelines:

Publications and filings in registers

Decisions, insolvencies, protective measures, and registrations of marriages and other positions held by judges are published or filed in one of the registers on The registers and underlying applications will be revised in the coming years. The accessibility requirements will be part of the revision.


News items quickly lose their newsworthiness. For this reason, the Dutch judiciary (de Rechtspraak) posts news videos on as soon as possible, even though the videos do not satisfy the web guidelines yet. A version that does satisfy the guidelines is then posted within five business days.

Old content

Certain information must remain available on the site for archiving purposes. The Dutch judiciary (de Rechtspraak) does not modify obsolete information retroactively, because this would take too much time and money. Thus, some visitors to may not be able to use this information or not be able to use it properly. does not offer any alternatives for these flaws.

Problems with the website’s accessibility?

If, despite the measures which we have already taken, you have problems accessing our website, please let us know.
Consult our contact information (Dutch).