Agenda and Vision Report

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The Judiciary’s Vision Report and Agenda

The Judiciary’s Vision Report for 2020 arises from a comprehensive future projection it has conducted. During an extensive process, a variety of issues were explored in which both employees of the Judiciary and external stakeholders were involved. The future projection was prompted by the need to develop a vision of adjudication and its organisation based on social trends.

The core of the 2020 Vision Report is based on two pillars:

  1. Reinforcing the core values: independence, impartiality, integrity and professionalism
  2. Meeting the needs of society as much as possible and closely monitoring its problems

Based on the two pillars, the Judiciary’s mission was reformulated:

The Judiciary ensures ethical, efficient and effective dispute settlement and adjudication of criminal offences by independent courts and judges.

The Judiciary helps maintain the rule of law and public trust in the law.


Agenda of the Judiciary 2011-2014

The 2020 Vision Report forms the basis for the Agendas of the Judiciary. The 2020 Vision Report will be implemented in 2020 by realising the plans set out in the Agendas. The annual plans of the eleven district courts, four courts of appeal, the Central Board of Appeals, the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal and the Council for the Judiciary are based on the Agenda of the Judiciary. In this multiannual Agenda, the court boards and the Council for the Judiciary present the priorities they have set for the next several years. The Agenda of the Judiciary 2011-2014 (pdf, 1.9 MB) was ratified in October 2010.

The Agenda of the Judiciary 2011-2014 is based on five objectives. A number of results have been identified for each of these objectives:

  • Objective 1: the Judiciary contributes to reinforcing the rule of law
  • Objective 2: the Judiciary reinforces the core values
  • Objective 3: the Judiciary meets the needs of society
  • Objective 4: the Judiciary implements the legal map
  • Objective 5: the Judiciary professionalises organisation and management

For more information about the current agenda, please consult the brochure ‘Strategic Multi-annual Planning'.