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Short summary of the presentation by the Belgian delegation

The Belgium judicial network was created because of the growing awareness that help was needed for the individual Belgian magistrate to apply European law. The members function on a voluntary basis with very few facilities.
It has two central contact points: one official of the Ministry of Justice and Mrs. Deconinck, councillor of the Court de Cassation.

A group of representatives of professional organizations (lawyers, bailiffs) can participate at the meetings of the network on special invitation. The core of the network is formed by 15 judges ( 3 from each of the 5 courts of appeal). Each member serves in his or her court as a contact point for questions on the application and the interpretation of European or foreign law. The network tries to ensure the uniform application of European law by holding meetings on a regular basis. The focus of the network is primarily on European/international private law. The network issues an electronic newsletter, called Euralert. The network has very good contacts with the Dutch colleagues.