Notice to appear for the hearing of your case, translated into English

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This is a summons to appear before the sub-district court

The appointment is on: -date-
The address is: Amsterdam District Court, Parnassusweg 280, 1076 AV Amsterdam



Dear Sir/Madam,

The sub-district judge has received a letter from your health insurance company. Please find enclosed a copy of this letter. The letter states that you have not paid your health insurance premiums and/or health care costs. The total amount involved is -AMOUNT-, including debt collection costs. 

Your health insurer requests the sub-district court to order you to pay this amount.

Make sure you go to the meeting at the sub-district court on -date-.

The sub-district court wants to talk to you and your health insurance company to check whether you are in arrears and how the problem can be resolved. The sub-district court will also consider whether a payment arrangement is an option. Therefore, it would be useful if you take with you details of your income and fixed costs.

You do not have to pay extra when you come to the sub-district court

Your health insurance company will pay for this meeting. You will not be charged extra for coming to the meeting. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay the arrears in a lump sum before the meeting. In many cases, that is not the best solution. 

Debt counselling

A debt counsellor will also be present at the meeting with the sub-district court,. If you so wish, you can talk to him or her after the meeting. If you already have a debt counsellor, please contact him or her. Your debt counsellor can help you gather the correct information. He or she is welcome to come with you to the meeting with the sub-district court.

Bring your own interpreter, if necessary 

If you do you not speak or understand Dutch, please bring someone with you who can translate for you. 

Are you unable to come? 

Are you unable to come to the meeting with the sub-district court ? Or do you have any questions? Please call +31(0)6 52 83 03 52. This number can be reached on business days until 15:00 hours. You can also send a WhatsApp message to this number. And you can also email us:

If you do not come to the meeting, the sub-district court cannot hear your case 

If you do not come to the meeting with the sub-district court and do not contact us beforehand, the court will not take a decision yet. The health insurance company will hand over your arrears file to a debt collection agency. This may result in additional costs for you. So please come to the meeting with the sub-district court.


You may call the contact person by telephone to ask for the name of the judge hearing the case .Where necessary, your personal data and, if applicable, that of your client, will be processed in the court’s registration system for the proper administration of justice.

Contact person: The Registrar
Phone number: +31(0)6 52 83 03 52