Apostille and legalisation at the court of Noord-Holland

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How can I get documents legalised or apostilled?

Do you want to use a Dutch document in another country? In many cases you have to demonstrate that the document is official. You can do that with an apostille or by legalisation. Which of these you need depends on the country for which the document is intended.

The courts provide apostilles and legalisations only on documents that contain original signatures.


Requesting an apostille or legalisation

You can ask for apostilles and legalisations in two ways: at the courthouse centrale balie or in writing.

If you would like to ask for an apostille or legalisation in writing, provide the following information by letter:

  • whether you want an apostille or legalisation
  • for what country the documents are intended
  • in what language you would like it (Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish or Italian)

Send the letter with the original document to:

Rechtbank Noord-Holland, locatie Haarlem
Centrale balie
Postbus 1621
2003 BR Haarlem


Rechtbank Noord-Holland, locatie Alkmaar
Centrale balie
Postbus 251
1800 BG Alkmaar

Don’t forget to put your address in the letter. You can also put the letter into the letterbox. The letterboxes are located at: Jansstraat 81, Haarlem and Kruseman van Eltenweg 2, Alkmaar.

Will I get an acknowledgement of receipt?

  • If you hand in the documents at the courthouse, you can get a copy of the covering letter, with a stamp showing the date of receipt, from the doorman/messenger.
  • If you send the documents by regular post, you won't get an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • If you send the documents by registered post, you get an acknowledgement of receipt from PostNL.


When will I get the document back?

After receipt, the court sends a payment authorisation slip or debits the court fees to your current account.

If you have paid the court fees, the court sends the document back bearing the apostille or legalisation after one to two business days. The court does the same if you have sent the document by registered post.




If you need an apostille urgently? Then you can personally take the document to the main reception desk. This is possible until 16:30.


I still have some questions about apostilles or legalisation

Ask your questions by phone at: