Opening speech

Dit is een afdruk van een pagina op Kijk voor de meest actuele informatie op ( Deze pagina is geprint op 01-01-1970.


The chairman of the Dutch Council for the Judiciary, Mr. Erik van den Emster, welcomed the participants.
After reminding the audience why the Dutch judiciary started, more than a decennium ago, with Eurinfra (the knowledgemanagementsystem concerning EU-law), he emphasized that knowledge is constantly changing and so knowledgemanagement has to change as well in order to remain effective.

Working together would bring here the best results and that is why the Council for the Judiciary embraced this initiative of the Dutch CCE-network. This Council itself also strives to adopt an European attitude.

The interaction and exchange of experiences between the different Councils for the Judiciary will, so he stated, contribute to the identification of shared values and best practices.