Working groups

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Working group 1

Working group 1 has discussed about all the aspects related to the establishing of a CCE network: Mr. Neils Feilberg, judge at the Court of Odense, Denmark, was the chair.

Working group 2

Working group 2 has discussed about all the aspects concerning maintaining a CCE network. Mr. Gianluca Grasso, Judge and member of the Council for the Judiciary in Italy was the chair.

Working group 3

Working group 3, concerning the extensions and development of an existing CCE network had Ms. Diana Miteva, judge at the district court in Varna, Bulgaria, as the chair.


Working group 4

Working group 4, that dealed with questions concerning national CCE networks which are interconnected with similar networks in other Member States was chaired by Ms. Ilse Couwenberg, councilor at the Court of Appeal in Antwerp.

Working group 5

Working group 5, chaired by Rudolf Winter, discussed the question: "An interconnected CCE network; A new forum?"