Key features

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Key features

  • NCC is situated in the Dutch courts, which are consistently in the top 3 worldwide: civil justice (
  • Speedy proceedings: the Dutch courts are in the top 5 of the fastest courts in the European Union with an average of 130 days from a notice to appear to a final judgment (EU Justice Scoreboard)
  • The language of the entire proceedings is English (including judgment)
  • NCC judges are impartial, independent and experienced in complex international business matters
  • Cases are heard and disposed of by a three-judge panel
  • Active case management in consultation with the parties: typically a conference will be scheduled to discuss issues, motions, fact-finding and a timetable
  • Clear rules of procedure: the NCC Rules provide parties with reliable, transparent guidance on procedural matters
  • Focus on global best practices: the NCC Rules provide flexibility
  • 24/7 availability: in exceptionally urgent cases, the court is authorised to hear and decide cases anytime, anywhere
  • Low costs: a flat court fee of € 15,000 (NCC District Court) or € 20,000 (NCC Court of Appeal)

More information

For more information, see Jurisdiction and NCC agreementthe NCC Rules of Procedure, the Explanatory Notes and these documents.