Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC)

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Certain COVID-19 government measures are in place. The NCC courthouse is accessible to lawyers and parties if the court orders a courtroom hearing. Certain restrictions apply.

Who we are

The Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC District Court and NCC Court of Appeal) is well positioned to swiftly and effectively resolve international business disputes.

It is built on a solid foundation: the reputation of the Dutch judiciary, which is ranked among the most efficient, reliable and transparent worldwide. And the Netherlands – and Amsterdam in particular – are a prime location for business, and a gateway to Europe.

Proceedings are in English. Judgments are in English. The NCC has the tools to communicate effectively and provide swift and firm guidance in complex litigation.

The Netherlands Commercial Court was created on 1 January 2019.

Netherlands Commercial Court

Lawyers discuss NCC

08:15 (in Dutch, English subtitles)

Interview with NCCA President

22:26 (in Dutch, English subtitles)


More about the NCC

Key features

NCC is part of the Dutch court system, which is in the top 3 worldwide (civil justice).

Jurisdiction and NCC agreement

A matter may be submitted to NCC where four requirements are met.

Communication, initiating an action and next steps

eNCC is the upload/download system specially designed for NCC. Information on the steps in the proceedings is available here.


The Netherlands Commercial Court applies Dutch procedural law and the NCC Rules.


Costs typically include items such as the court fee and lawyers' fees.


The Registry can be contacted for general queries regarding the NCC.

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New model clause: NAI arbitration and NCC court litigation in EnglishNew model clause: NAI arbitration and NCC court litigation in English 10:00:00 PMNew model clause NAI arbitration and NCC court litigation in English<div><br>Arbitration and court litigation are, obviously, options that practitioners should and do consider as they think about how to deal with international business disputes. But it need not be an either/or choice.<br></div><div>Parties who agree to arbitration under the rules of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI) may designate the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC District Court or NCC Court of Appeal, as the case may be) as the appropriate chamber for any post-award - and sometimes even pre-award - court litigation. This would enable the parties, e.g., to file a setting-aside claim with the NCC Court of Appeal in English. Such legal actions no longer need to be dealt with in Dutch, saving the parties time and costs. <br></div>
NCC News Update no. 13: "The Economist: London's business courts face growing competition"NCC News Update no. 13: "The Economist: London's business courts face growing competition" 10:00:00 PMThis is the 13th Update on the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC). <p><a href="">NCC News Update no. 13:</a> "The Economist: London’s business courts face growing competition”<br></p>
Invitation to ILEX webinar "Meet your judge"Invitation to ILEX webinar "Meet your judge" 10:00:00 PMInvitation to ILEX webinar Meet your judge<div><span><br>On 15 July 2021 and 9 September 2021, the International Litigation Exchange (ILEX) is hosting webinars featuring NCC(A) judges (Mr Frakes and Mr Oranje) and judges from other English-speaking commercial courts in Europe. </span></div><div><span>You’re invited to join these webinars and exchange with judges and other experts in the field of international litigation. <br></span><span>Participation is free of charge.</span><span><br></span></div><div><span>You may register <a href="">here</a>.</span></div><p><br></p>

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