Inside the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

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Welcome to the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

This is a brief description of what the Amsterdam Palace of Justice looks like, where the Amsterdam Court of Appeal is located. The Palace of Justice is situated on The IJdok island, which accommodates both office and apartment buildings. The Court of Appeal is situated at the very end of the island, on the right-hand side.

  • When you enter the Palace of Justice, announce yourself at the entrance desk on the right. You can be asked for identification.
  • Next proceed to the security check. We will check your bag and coat for the safety and security of everyone in the building. Unsafe objects will be confiscated. At the entrance you will also see a list of the privacy house rules.
  • Then go through the revolving door, where you will enter the lobby. Here you should turn left.
  • After about five meters, you'll see the coffee machine and the snack and beverage vending machines on your left. Coffee and tea are free of charge.
  • The escalator on the left will take you to the first floor where the courtrooms are located.
  • When you turn right at the end of the first floor landing, you'll find the desk where a member of the court's staff is located. You'll have to sign in if you want to be present at a hearing.
  • Then take a seat near the courtroom. The court's staff member will let you know when the hearing starts and will show you where to go.
  • The central information desk is next to the desk on the right.