Judges & Staff

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Judges & Staff

Currently, the NCC has 10 judges: 6 in the NCC District Court and 4 in the NCC Court of Appeal. If appropriate in light of the caseload, other judges may join the court. Cases are assigned to judges in accordance with the Provisional Case Assignment Rules (pdf, 202.9 KB).

At this time, the NCC does not have any open positions. As opportunities may arise in the future, current policy is for such positions to be filled within the Dutch court system. Any positions open to the public will be published on this site and on www.werkenbijdeoverheid.nl.

The NCC is supported by 3 senior law clerks (in Dutch: stafjuristen) and 2 administrative clerks. At an early stage in the beginning, a specific law clerk is assigned to the case.

The duties of a law clerk include:

  • acting as liaison between the parties and the court on substantive issues
  • drafting judgments.

The duties of the administrative clerks include:

  • administrative duties, such as calculating and processing court fees
  • managing the case file
  • scheduling hearings.