Cees Bom Named President of the NCC District Court

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Amsterdam, 15 December 2022

Cees Bom, currently one of the Judges in the NCC District Court (which deals with first instance cases), has been named President of the Court effective 1 January, 2023. 

Before being appointed as Judge he acted as in-house counsel to various Dutch companies for many years. Currently he serves as a Senior Judge at the The Hague District Court, in addition to his NCC work. NCC and the Governing Councils of the Amsterdam District Court and Amsterdam Court of Appeal welcome Judge Bom’s appointment and look forward to working with him in 2023 and beyond.

Judge Bom’s appointment comes as Judge Lincoln Frakes steps down after serving as President from NCC’s inception in 2019. Judge Frakes will continue to serve as an NCC Judge for casework and any business that may arise in the President’s absence, as well as work on the eNCC portal, the Code of Civil Procedure translation, and related matters.