Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC)

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Launching soon: Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC)

The Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) is a specialised court designed to meet the growing need for efficient dispute resolution of civil or commercial matters with an international aspect. Based in Amsterdam, the NCC operates under Dutch procedural law, which is highly regarded for its pragmatism and efficiency, while the working language of the NCC is English.

NNC gebouw AmsterdamNetherlands Commercial Court in Amsterdam

Structure of the NCC

The NCC is a special chamber of the Amsterdam District Court and of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. Judges and staff of the NCC are selected from all courts in the Netherlands for their specialised expertise as well as their fluency in the English language. The NCC is equipped with state-of-the-art court technology.


Benefits of the NCC: efficiency and fixed fees

The NCC is part of the Dutch court system, which has an excellent reputation as one of the most efficient court systems in the world. In the annual Rule of Law Index the Netherlands tops the charts in reliability and transparency in civil justice. The NCC distinguishes itself by its pragmatic approach and active case management. This allows the NCC to handle complex matters within short timeframes on the basis of fixed fees.


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