Sabah in a jugdement by default ordered to rectify articles

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Rotterdam, 29 juni 2017

The provisional relief judge of the District Court of Rotterdam ruled in summary proceedings that the Turkish newspapers Sabah Turkey and Sabah Germany must rectify articles they published on their websites about a member of the Rotterdam City Council.
The newspapers did not appear in the proceedings and the judge, after verifying all formalities and other requirements regarding the writ of summons, rendered a judgement by default.

The articles were published in March 2017 and accuse the member of the city council, amongst other things, of:

• being the spiritual leader of  a terrorist organisation;
• organizing/directing hostility against Turkey;
• coordinating an operation in which names and photos of Turkish protesters were given to the Dutch Police.

These accusations had a significant impact on the personal life of the council member as they led to numerous threats against him as well as a considerable amount of negative reactions. Next to a prohibitary injunction to publish such accusations in future, Sabah must rectify the articles on their websites in Turkish, both on the homepage and next to the articles that were published. The rectification on the homepage must be visible for 7 days. For each day the rectification is not published Sabah must pay a pecuniary penalty of  € 1.000,00, up to a maximum of € 100.000,00.


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